Reusable multi-chamber design bottle

Reusable packaging is important today and in the future to protect the economy and ecology of our regions, states and jobs. Packaging waste, food waste and water waste are threatening aspects that need to be greatly reduced.

Multi-chamber technology further optimises reusable packaging by giving consumers more flexibility to consume their own products on the go in a relaxed and joyful way. You save additional effort for environmental protection, e.g. by using outer packaging.

We offer our reusable multi-compartment products in at least four different environmentally friendly material variants and over ten designs.

Our multi-chamber bottles are aesthetically and ergonomically designed. They are easy to handle and have scratch-resistant and leak-proof coatings. They are made of recyclable material and are environmentally friendly.

We are happy to work with stationary as well as online distributors to realise our environmental vision. Contact us so that we can develop cooperation solutions together.

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