Economic and sustainability benefits for your industry

Our efficient and sustainability-oriented multi-chamber technology is suitable for both the packaging industry and companies that base their business model on packaging or containers of any size.

Derived from its characteristic features, multi-chamber technology has at least two essential core services:

  • Storage of liquids, gases, granulates, pasta and other products.
  • Simultaneous storage of at least two different products in the same container, but stored separately..

The primary goal of multi-chamber technology is to reduce the number of packages and the use of materials economically and ecologically. Secondly, the processes in certain sectors, such as the process industry, are to be accelerated economically.

The following benefits can be expected from the following sectors, among others:


Healthcare / Hospital sector

The diffusion-blocking property as well as the physical separation of the individual partial chambers of the same container are the core properties that make multi-chamber technology suitable for the medical or hospital sector.

Process - Energy - Paint and varnish Industries

Multi-chamber technology has outstanding benefits, ecological and economic advantages in the process and energy industries. By process industry we mean all industries whose end products have to pass through thermal, chemical or biological processes. This includes, among others, the chemical, energy,

Beverage industry

The beverage industry, like the food industry, is one of the sectors that consume enormous amounts of packaging. One of the reasons for this is that in the beverage industry in particular, business models can only be implemented more efficiently with individual packaging and thus packaging waste is produced

Food industry

Multi-chamber technology is a bundling of core properties that enable the food as well as the beverage industry to extract more economic as well as ecological potential from their business models and processes in times of energy and environmental crisis and beyond.

Chemical / Pharma / Cosmetics Industries

For the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, multi-chamber technology can bring the same benefits: an economic and ecological optimization of the business models. The diffusion-inhibiting property of multi-chamber technology, which comes with

Strategic benefits

With our multi-chamber invention, we create an environmentally and marketing oriented safe market growth potential for the packaging and packaging dependent industries such as the energy industry. This is because this multi-chamber technology enables you to achieve greater economic resilience/resilience, a better image through a positive environmental footprint, which attracts more customers, resulting in better sales. This translates into controlled processes, productivity and contribution margins.  

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