Food industry

Multi-chamber technology is a bundling of core properties that enable the food as well as the beverage industry to extract more economic as well as ecological potential from their business models and processes in times of energy and environmental crisis and beyond.

Next to the beverage industry, the food industry is the sector that needs the most packaging of all kinds to implement its business models effectively and efficiently. This industry requires not only consumer packaging, which can be just a few centimetres in size, but also industrial containers to transport food around the world, for example. Furthermore, this industry has both products that require the highest integrity or intactness to remain of high quality until consumption, such as milk, and products that do not require complete integrity. From an environmental perspective, this industry needs more innovation and continuous improvement to steadily reduce its negative environmental impact. This is because environmental regulations are becoming increasingly stringent and can pose a major threat to the industry's business models. 

Figure: Positive ecological footprint for your products and business

The multi-chamber technology was developed, among other things, to eliminate the above-mentioned weak points of the food industry. In addition, it is intended to enable the safe coexistence of companies, people, fauna and flora. The diffusion properties as well as the portioning or physical, chemical and thermal separation of stored food in the same multi-chamber container can be specifically controlled to optimise the sustainability as well as the economic aspects of the company's products, to improve business models, to realise certain quality requirements for products and to reduce food and energy waste. In addition, we can design containers specifically for your company's requirements so that food can be transported safely and in excellent quality from anywhere in the world.  Furthermore, companies can realise product innovation by combining different flavours.


Figure: Improvement direction

Water, for example, is a basic food. It is also called a basic human right. Unfortunately, we have recently noticed that it is not always available in abundance. Therefore, measures are needed to use the available water more effectively and efficiently. The portioning property of our multi-compartment invention gives it the ability to consume water in a targeted and efficient manner.

Multi-chamber technology thus has the potential to sustainably support business and ecology to further grow, increase profit margins and ensure productivity and profitability of entrepreneurs under ecological greening.

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